» Keyway bars steel C45 repair DIN6880 length 500mm
Keyway bars steel C45 repair DIN6880 length 500mm
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Keyway bars steel C45 repair DIN6880 length 500mm


So-called "repair" tolerance with extra thickness used in maintenance

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4zb10 X 4zb10 X 5001.32€
5zb10 X 5zb10 X 5002.04€
6zb10 X 6zb10 X 5002.52€
7zb10 X 7zb10 X 5003.00€
8zb10 X 6zb10 X 5002.88€
8zb10 X 7h11 X 5003.12€
8zb10 X 8zb10 X 5003.60€
10zb10 X 5zb10 X 5003.36€
10zb10 X 8h11 X 5004.44€
10zb10 X 10zb10 X 5005.28€
11zb10 X 8h11 X 50014.16€
12zb10 X 5h11 X 50019.92€
12zb10 X 6h11 X 5003.96€
12zb10 X 8h11 X 5005.28€
12zb10 X 10h11 X 5007.32€
12zb10 X 12zb10 X 5009.24€
13zb10 X 6zb10 X 5004.32€
14zb10 X 8zb10 X 5006.24€
14zb10 X 9h11 X 5006.96€
14zb10 X 10zb10 X 5008.28€
14zb10 X 12zb10 X 5009.72€
14zb10 X 14zb10 X 50010.92€
16zb10 X 8zb10 X 5006.96€
16zb10 X 10h11 X 5008.88€
16zb10 X 12zb10 X 50010.56€
16zb10 X 14zb10 X 50013.68€
16zb10 X 16zb10 X 50013.92€
18zb10 X 10zb10 X 50010.20€
18zb10 X 11h11 X 50010.92€
18zb10 X 12zb10 X 50012.48€
18zb10 X 14zb10 X 50015.48€
18zb10 X 16zb10 X 50016.92€
18zb10 X 18zb10 X 50017.40€
20zb10 X 10zb10 X 50011.52€
20zb10 X 12h11 X 50012.72€
20zb10 X 14zb10 X 50015.72€
20zb10 X 15zb10 X 50018.84€
20zb10 X 20zb10 X 50024.84€
22zb10 X 14h11 X 50016.20€
22zb10 X 22zb10 X 50030.84€
24zb10 X 14h11 X 50018.60€
24zb10 X 16zb10 X 50023.28€
24zb10 X 20zb10 X 50028.44€
24zb10 X 24zb10 X 50040.92€
25zb10 X 14h11 X 50018.36€
25zb10 X 22zb10 X 50039.36€
28zb10 X 16h11 X 50023.40€
28zb10 X 18zb10 X 50034.32€
28zb10 X 25zb10 X 50052.56€
30zb10 X 20zb10 X 50038.88€
32zb10 X 18h11 X 50029.88€
36zb10 X 20h11 X 50038.76€
40zb10 X 22h11 X 50047.40€
40zb10 X 36zb10 X 500142.20€
45zb10 X 25h11 X 50061.08€
50zb10 X 28h11 X 50088.44€
55zb10 X 30h11 X 500172.68€
56zb10 X 32h11 X 500187.56€
63zb10 X 32h11 X 500205.08€
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Designation : steel wedge bars zb10
Standard material: C45 steel 50kg/mm² minimum
Comments: length 500, 1000 and 3000.
Other lengths on request
All other material grades on request, including 42CrMo4, 40CrmMo7 .
Heat treatment 85-110 DaN/mm².

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