» CYANOACRYLATE GLUES low odor 5922 20g
CYANOACRYLATE GLUES low odor 5922 20g
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CYANOACRYLATE GLUES low odor 5922 20g


Nearly odourless glue, which shows less blooming or whitening than normal grades Recommended, wherever visible traces of glue must be avoided.

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Whenever the adhesive should, if possible, leave no visible mark, ergo.® 5922 is the suitable product.

In the case of normal cyanoacrylates, when the curing is too slow or the applied layer is too thick, it may happen that the adhesive evaporates leaving a whitish deposit in the immediate vicinity of the bonding.

This is not the case with ergo.® 5922: this adhesive does not evaporate at room temperature. This is why it does not give off a nuisance odor or deposit. Due to the rather slow curing, the user has enough time to adjust even complicated parts

Ethyl chemical base
Viscosity in mPas 60 mPas
Operating temperature ° C -30 ° C to + 80 ° C
Time taken on aluminum 100 seconds
Time taken on the SBR 25 seconds
Time taken on the EPDM 18 seconds
NSF approvals
Size of packaging in grams 20/50/500

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